Leasing Services

We provide leases for a variety of equipment and software designed to facilitate your business operations and offer these benefits.

Our primary equipment focus is:
   PCs, laptops, notebooks
   Workstations (HP, Sun, IBM, etc.)
   Laser printers, copiers, 
   fax machines
   Communications products
   Telephone systems
   Other high-tech brand name
     equipment and software
     (available upon request)

Lease Types

Fair Market Value

This plan is designed for growing companies that want to keep up with the latest technology and are concerned about equipment obsolescence.

At end of least you purchase the equipment at:
    Fair Market Value
    Return equipment
    Continue leasing
    on a month to month basis.

10% Purchase Plan
Designed for a customer that plans to retain the equipment beyond the term of the lease.

At end of lease you purchase equipment at 10% of cost.

$1 Buyout
Designed for a customer that intends to keep the equipment longer than 3 years.

At end of lease you purchase equipment for $1.

MCI Computer Leasing provides solutions for businesses, specializing from $2,000 of lease financing to $75,000 by lease application only. For customers with requirements above $75,000, MCI Computer Leasing can set up a Master Lease that provides a Line of Credit with multiple takedowns. Also for lease transactions over $75,000, we require a full set of financial information. This includes 2 years audited financials and 2 years Federal Tax Returns. For companies that have been in business less than 2 years, we can provide leasing with a personal guarantee.

Use our Lease Calculator to estimate monthly payments for a typical computer equipment lease.